Vision and Values


Empower my clients to unlock their full potential, discover new opportunities and reach their goals.


My mission is to inspire, support, encourage, and motivate my clients to discover new opportunities, create their own solutions, achieve goals and reach beyond.
Working with me, you will:

  • Find solutions to the issues you are facing
  • discover new opportunities
  • Develop plans and strategies to reach your goals
  • Get clarity on your current situation, future plans, what you want and can achieve
  • Make progress on things you are stuck with


Values not only guide our behavior, but are crucial for ethical decision making. The values we keep in our hearts determine the choices we make and shape our lives and work. It is, therefore, important that you know my values. I am guided by:


A little child achieved success when she learned how to hold a spoon. Sitting up in a bed after a surgery is a success. Neil Armstrong achieved success when he set his foot on the Moon. We all achieve successes and we need to be successful to live. What success are you trying to achieve? Let’s work together so you can find the key to your success.


Inspiration is the act of elevating or stimulating another person’s intellect or emotions, which in turn leads to actions. An inspirational environment is intellectually stimulating and encourages a person to be challenged and achieve new goals. It contributes to personal and career development. We can be inspired in different ways to do great things. I create an inspirational environment for my clients and this allows them to find their own inspirations. How do you want to be inspired?


Joy is critical in our lives and we all need it. You need joy as well. Supporting my clients so they can find their own solutions brings me joy. What brings you joy?


A state of tranquility or quiet. A fantastic feeling that everyone deserves. You deserve it too and you can find it.


Opportunity is a favorable combination of circumstances, time, and place. It is a good chance for advancement or progress. Seeing my clients find new opportunities brings me joy.


Innovation is the introduction of something new, a new idea, method, or device. This is exactly what coaching is all about: trying new things to achieve new goals. Innovation is at the very core of my coaching.


A stimulating task or problem that allows us to test our skills, knowledge and abilities. Even more importantly, a challenge allows us to develop new capabilities and use our talents at a new level. What is your next challenge?


Everybody takes great pride in achieving excellence. One of my goals as a coach is to support you in achieving excellence in the areas of your interest. I also work every day on my skills and abilities as a coach as I strive for excellence.


I enjoy supporting my clients in developing their own solutions as they progress in their careers, professional and personal development, or seek a new unexplored path to reach beyond their imagination.


Trust is the conviction that someone will do the right thing, for example by following established rules or agreements. Therefore trust between the client and a coach is one of the key components of coaching. Coaching only works when the client has full trust in their coach. My clients hire me because they trust my skills, integrity and confidentiality.


Integrity is a characteristic that many of us value in ourselves, and it’s one we look for consistently in other. But what does it really mean to have integrity? A typical definition of integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles, soundness of moral character, honesty. Some say that integrity is always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking, and even when the choice is not easy. My coaching practice and interactions with my clients are guided by integrity.

What values guide you in your decisions?