Coaching is often confused with other expert services such as mentoring, training, or consulting. In my experience as a coach what I often find is that my clients, in addition to seeking a coach, request my help as a consultant or mentor. Based on my knowledge and experience I am happy to provide these services as well. For the benefit of the client, however, it is important to clearly understand the difference.

I am happy to support you as a consultant to work with you on a project or activity that needs to be completed with a specific deliverable in mind, such as a project management tool, a discussion or research paper, a presentation, or a set of recommendations for solving or advancing an issue you are working on.  As a consultant I will use my experience and subject matter expertise to design solutions for your consideration.

Once I present a solution or a product you will decide how to use it. In other words I will build a car for you and you will decide how to use it best to your advantage.

Creating value for my clients everyday