Coach Peter

I am a pathfinder and a code breaker unlocking opportunities for you.

I achieve that by igniting my clients’ ability to dream and reach goals they have not realized even existed.

As a graduate of the top coaching academy Erickson International, I hold a Coaching Diploma certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which I am a member of. My coaching education is complemented with a PhD in Science from the University of Alberta in Canada. I have a diverse experience in leadership and senior management positions in both the public and private sectors.

Through my life, I have shared my time between Europe and North America. I have been exposed to life and work with people of diverse backgrounds and communities. I have also enjoyed working in a variety of jobs, from a dog walker and a shopping mall janitor to an academic teacher, wildlife biologist conserving caribou in Canada, researcher, computer modeler, columnist, editor-in-chief, tropical fish breeder, and a director leading a diverse team of professionals and managers in a big organization.

I have successfully built and continue to operate my own growing business.

I am an active person that enjoys the outdoors. You can usually find me on a hiking trail in the mountains, in a boat on a lake, wading through a trout stream, reading in a library, having coffee with friends, creating ideas in my backyard or at a computer, or just planting trees. I love to watch them grow.

Above all, I enjoy supporting my clients in developing their own solutions as they progress in their careers, professional and personal development, or seek a new unexplored path to reach beyond their imagination.

Being a coach is not only exciting for me, it gives me tremendous satisfaction. It is like planting trees and watching them grow, survive the storms, bloom and fruit.

Creating value for my clients every day